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Iraqi Airways Copenhagen offers you a convenient, affordable and an easy way to travel to Iraq. With years of experience operating cheap flights to the Middle East, we understand what customers are looking for when it comes to travel. We are proud of our hospitality, our excellent customer service and our experience in the industry.

Fly to Iraq with Iraqi Airways

Whether you're planning to fly to Iraq for business or leisure, Iraqi Airways can help you plan your travel in the best possible way. With a team of experienced, well-trained and courteous professionals, we can provide you assistance with every aspect of your travel. Talk to us today to discuss your travel needs and we'll provide you all the information you need about various destinations in Iraq, visa requirements, hotels and solutions you need to make your travel comfortable. With the most affordable deals in travel, we are the leading name in the industry today for travel to Iraq and are proud of the excellent services we offer.

Exceptional Customer Service

For Iraqi Airways, customer satisfaction is the most important. When you select us to fly to Iraq, we ensure that you receive dedicated, experienced and professional services every step of the way. We help you find the most convenient, affordable flight to your destination at a price that can't be found anywhere else. As a licensed, registered flight operator, we ensure that you are protected and well cared for when you travel with us. Our friendly customer service professionals are always available to answer any of your queries, to help you with flight bookings and to troubleshoot any problems you may have during your travels.

Find Affordable Deals

Browse through our website to find affordable flights and great deals to destinations like Baghdad, Erbil and Al-Najaf. Travelling to Iraq can be quite complicated at the present moment due to the political tensions but Iraqi Airways is available to help you plan your flight and provide you advice on the current situation of the destination you wish to travel to. Allow our experienced team to help you find a deal that suits your needs and your budget.
Searching for flights to Iraq is quick, easy and convenient using our online flight booking engine. Simply provide details of the destination you wish to travel to, where you want to travel from and the travel dates you prefer. Our search engine will find the best flight options for you within seconds. Book the flight you wish immediately through our secure online booking systems. Our travel experts can also help you book your flights. Whether you're planning a business trip or simply want to travel for leisure, we have the right deals available for your needs for a destination of your choice.
For years, the Iraqi Airways team has been helping travelers with excellent solutions designed to suit their needs. Our customers rely on our professionalism and our experience and we strive to live up to their expectations through excellent quality services and great deals.